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Standard BT Lithium Batteries


- They have all the features of the Standard series and Bluetooh communication for Android and IOS.

Thanks to the application for the phone / tablet downloaded from the Google Play store, we get the following information: discharge / charging current at the moment, package voltage, remaining capacity.

It is a very convenient solution for monitoring the condition of the battery. Just turn on the applications and we have all the necessary information. For Lithium batteries, the only way to find out the state of charge of the battery is to count the energy used. This can be done via a DC meter (wattmeter with counter function), or using a BMS with Bluetooth. The solution with a DC meter is realized by installing a shunt in the battery and a display on the housing. This fulfills the entrusted function, although most of this type of display is not waterproof and reduces the degree of protection of the battery tightness - IP. Thus, it is not recommended for use in outdoor conditions exposed to rain, splashes of water, and fog.

Respecting the time and money of our clients, we offer only BMS with bluetooth function. We gain full tightness and convenience of use.

Wysoka Jakość Naszy Akumulatorów LiFePO4

We import only high quality and proven batteries.

Each piece is checked on high-class measuring equipment.

Why our batteries?

Polish importer

We are a Polish company that imports proven, high-quality LiFePO4 batteries.


LiFePO4 batteries are more than half the weight of traditional lead-acid batteries.

BMS protection

Our batteries are protected against overcharging, over-discharge and short-circuit.

Bluetooth communication

The most important information about your LiFePO4 battery directly to your Android or IOS phone.

Hermetic casings

LiFePO4 cells have hermetic, tight casings, thanks to which they are protected against moisture.

Long battery life

The number of charging / discharging cycles of our batteries is not less than 2000!

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